An Instant Connection

I began volunteering at the clinic around the same time that Jan was diagnosed and met her on one of her first visits. We connected instantly (as everyone does when they meet Jan). Over the years we’ve seen each other, not only at clinic but at fundraisers and other events, and we stay up to date on each other via Facebook. I always look forward to her stylish outfits, especially her shoes; Jan has some of the best shoes! We’ve become grown to be good friends and I love her dearly.

When we grieve the loss of a member of our ALS family, I can almost predict when a private message on Facebook will come through from Jan. SHE thinks of ME in those sad times…it’s amazing. Sadly, we’ve mourned too many of our friends. But Jan doesn’t dwell on sadness, negative thoughts, and she certainly does not let ALS get in the way of her LIVING her life. She and Ted, and their support team of friends and family, are incredible – a well-oiled machine that makes it work every day for Jan to continue to be active, even if she cannot move or speak to do so.

I still volunteer at ALS clinic, and I also serve as the Outreach Coordinator for the Emory ALS Center. I can tell you that fundraisers such as the ALS Art Affair are so critical to filling in the large gaps that grant funding doesn’t cover. Supplies for trials and studies, medical equipment used to care for patients in the clinic, staffing, and basic support needs are where gaps are present. I believe the Emory team is the very best, but they must have those financial gaps filled to find the cause, treatments, and eventually the cure for ALS. Thank you for attending and donating to this event.

The photo is of an art piece I purchased at a silent auction a few years ago – it was also an evening honoring Jan. When I saw it I knew that nobody would out bid me – it was created by another of our ALS patients who is a dear friend to Jan and to me; and it is a BUTTERFLY so of course I had to have it. This sits on the counter in my kitchen and gives me joy every day because when I look at it I see the artist and Jan. Butterflies signify new life – though Jan never anticipated this new life with ALS, she accepts all the changes, losses, adjustments and stages with grace and inspiration.

Jan’s friend,
Karen Duffy

In efforts to continue the research to help find a cure for ALS, we ask you to participate in our ALS Art Affair. Join our guest of honor, Jan Giordano, her creative friends and admirers, and members of your community in a night surrounded by art and music to raise funds to support research to help defeat ALS.

The evening includes wine, beer, passed hors d’oeuvres, musical entertainment, raffle, and a silent auction of original works of art by local artists.

ALS Art Affair proceeds will support Emory ALS Clinic, which combines state of the art clinical care with cutting edge clinical and basic research. The Emory ALS Clinic provides multidisciplinary care to ALS patients and their families, focusing on independence and quality of life through state of the art intervention. Their research focuses on basic mechanisms of motor neuron degeneration, genetics of ALS, and new experimental treatments.

“I am so grateful for your efforts toward raising funds to cure ALS in my honor.” -Jan Giordano

For more information about how you can purchase tickets or become a sponsor, please visit our About Us page or CLICK HERE.


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