About Us

ALS Art Affair is an annual event honoring Jan Giordano and her creative friends and admirers to unite and raise funds to support research to help defeat ALS.

ALS Art Affair proceeds will support Emory ALC Clinic.

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About ALS Clinic

The Emory ALS Center combines state of the art clinical care with cutting edge clinical and basic research. The Emory ALS Clinic provides multidisciplinary care to ALS patients and their families, focusing on independence and quality of life through state of the art intervention. Their research focuses on basic mechanisms of motor neuron degeneration, genetics of ALS, and new experimental treatments.

The Emory ALS Center is passionate about providing the best care for patients and families, but they are also passionate about finding causes and cures for this disease. The dual mission of the Emory ALS Center requires support for foundations, government, and individuals.

Want to Get Involved?


We cordially ask you for your sponsorship to help fund research to find a cure for this debilitating disease. Please choose your level of sponsorship from list below. Thank you in advance for your participation. You commitment to our event makes our fundraising efforts possible. CLICK HERE

Committee Members:

Manuela Davis
Cindy Dehner
Joanne Carlton
Karen McJunkin

Mary Means
Steve Miles
Tracy Morton
Beth Nellis

Ashley Panter
Rushan Samarasinghe
David Sanders
Ginger Taylor

Tina Moyar
Caryl Rion
Donna Boland

Next Steps...

Attend the event! You can do so by purchasing a ticket for $30.00, then share the event with your network to help us raise funds to spread awareness and support research for ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis).